From: Sir Oliver Kindzorra, CO HMSS Greenwich
To: All crew member HMSS Greenwich
Top: Captain’s Table September Edition

Ladies and Gentleman of HMSS Greenwich,

welcome to the September Edition of the Captain’s Table, the series where the Commanding Offcier of HMSS Greenwich is providing background information from the command deck. In the last episode I talked about our mission statement and why I thought it was necessary to introduce it. As a reminder our mission at Greenwich is “to counsel HMSS Greenwich crew member about their RMN career opportunities and enable them to reach their personal goal by creating or facilitating programs that supports them during the process in an open and motivating environment true to Greenwich’s motto: “First step to the stars”. Today I want to talk about the organizational structure that will be introduced at HMSS Greenwich.

As we all know a mission can only be successful if there are committed people that work towards the mission objectives, because they like what the do. These people have to be organized in a way that it makes sense and that makes it easy to work together. When I looked at the mission statement again one thing became obvious to me. Because we put the crew and their needs first we need a personnel management and a career counselling department. And because Personnelman and Navy Counselor are part of the SIA TSC Administrative Chair we will join both together in an Administrative Division here at Greenwich.The next division will be not so obvious, because without some background information you wouldn’t know. Did you know that HMSS Greenwich had 558 crew member from 22 different countries worldwide in August 2016? To be honest I didn’t knew until I had a look at Greenwich’s roster. This fact means that we are completely virtual and therefore a correspondance chapter by nature. That said also means we have a higher need for communication and need to build additional communication channels and formats to reach our crew. Therefore the second division will be Communication consisting of two departments: Data Systems providing the technological skills that we need and (Mass) Communication providing the content side of the house including forum moderators and “Youtuber”. And the third division, which will build the core structure of Greenwich’s organization together with the other two already mentioned, is again related to the mission statement and that will be the Operations Division covering the programs that will be needed and that are not part of the other divisions.The Operations divison will consists of two departments: general TRMN programs and Greenwich’s own programs. What these programs look like that will be the topic of nexts episode of the Captain’s Table. So stay tuned, even if it will be a bit of time until the next episode! And if you want to be part of one of these departments please keep your eyes open. We will start to post vacancies that you might be interested in. Contact the one that is named in the vacancy post if one of those career opportunities is something for you. We need you and you are more than welcome to help us build the “new” Greenwich.

Yours in service,

Sir Oliver Kindzorra, KCE
Captain (JG), RMN
CO HMSS Greenwich